In Her Own Words: Tiffany Stroud

???????? Last month we posted about 5 teachers who took our Associate Level Training at the Outreach Center. One of those teachers, Tiffany Stroud, is also the mother of a Camp Spring Creek camper: Trey. Here is what Tiffany says about the impact of Camp Spring Creek on her son's life:

"Trey had a very life-changing experience. He learned the structure of language in a way that he had not seen before and it really changed his life forever. At camp, he especially liked the woodworking shop and the things that he got to create and the fact that he was trusted with machinery in a very responsible way. He was able to use his gifts to be able to make what he would call 'a masterpiece.' Before Trey went to Camp Spring Creek, written expression was quite difficult and he spent years trying to remember how to form written print letters. After just six weeks of camp, he could write beautifully in cursive."