Campers are never bored at Camp Spring Creek. From creative art projects such as woodshop to waterskiing and outdoor education, we keep campers engaged in hands-on learning and active fun.

Western North Carolina is home to a number of artists. We visit local studios and enjoy demonstrations and hands-on instruction by professional artisans. 

Water is an integral part of our program. Campers go waterskiing and wakeboarding on local lakes and tubing in local rivers. Older campers take a rafting trip annually. Students have daily opportunities to swim at our camp pool.

Throughout the summer, campers will enjoy activities such as:

  • Hiking

  • Rock climbing

  • Ziplining

  • Paintball

  • Archery

  • Yoga

  • Camping

  • Gem Mining

And much more!

Our activities’ staff is trained and knowledgeable in the fields in which they teach and supervise, with an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of dyslexic children.

A Sample Camp Schedule

8:00-8:30           Breakfast
8:30-9:25           Independent guided reading
9:30-10:25         1st period: Typing/Writing
10:30-11:25        2nd period: Tutoring/Art /Swimming
11:30-12:25        3rd period: Tutoring/Art/Woodshop
12:30-1:15           Lunch
1:15-2:10             4th period: Tutoring/Woodshop/Swimming
2:15-3:10            5th period: Tutoring/Art/Woodshop
3:15-4:10            6th period: Outdoors
4:15-5:10            Study Hall
5:15-5:45           Cabin/Free Time
5:45-6:30           Dinner
6:30-8:00           Group Games
8:00-8:30           Personal Hygiene
8:30-9:00           Read Aloud
9:00-9:30           Quiet Time and Lights Out