My Name is Brain Brian by Jeanne Betancourt

9780780759169This month we're recommending My Name is Brain Brian by Jeanne Betancourt.

This book is for readers in grades 4-6, but many supporters of Camp Spring Creek--adults, too!--will enjoy it. We found this review written by Constance A. Mellon and published by the School Library Journal quite helpful:

"Brian and his fellow members of the Jokers Club hate school. To make it more fun, they create a secret game, winning points for making other people laugh during the day. Brian wins the first point when he writes his name as "Brain" on the blackboard. But it's no joke. He is dyslexic. Betancourt weaves in a good deal of information on this learning disability, but first and foremost, this is a story. Brian, who narrates, is characterized by more than his problem. Not only must he practice new ways to learn, but he must also deal with his father, also dyslexic; with a childhood friend whose behavior becomes increasingly disturbing; and with a girl he hates. As readers follow him through the sixth grade and see the changes it makes in his life, he becomes a real person to them. They will close the book with a sigh of satisfaction. It is written clearly and simply, with an obvious understanding of, and empathy for, Brian. Children with learning problems will relate well to this book; as a presentation of that issue, it's outstanding."