Orton-Gillingham Training Testimonials

DSC01804These five teachers completed the 70-hour Associate Level Training at our Outreach Center last week. (View video here.) Here are a few things they had to say about signing up for our training: Kimberly: "I have two children who are dyslexic and I wanted to be able to help them more at home. The Orton-Gillingham method is diagnostic and prescriptive and I'm able to pinpoint exactly their weak areas. It's been surprising to learn just how much I take for granted myself. Susie gives us 'nonsense words' that make us feel like we're dyslexic and it really puts me in my son's position."

Pinkney: "There are so many reasons why I'm here. I'm raising three boys with dyslexia and I've learned that they need another path to get information--to be able to read, to be able to write, to be able to spell better. I wanted to be able to learn what that path was to be able to help them. I found out about Susie and Camp Spring Creek through a friend who has been here and done the training. She shared with me her 'Book of Knowledge' one day, and just being able to see the different spelling patterns that I take for granted and to learn those rules is actually quite exciting. It's exercising muscles I've not used, so I was thrilled to be here."

Joanne: "I'm a homeschool mom and I have an 11-year-old son who is quite dyslexic and I want to give him the best I can. I can't do it without the kind of Orton-Gillingham instruction I'm getting here. I think the most beneficial thing for me has been when we've had exercises that have put me in the shoes of my son and made me actually feel dyslexic. It's affirmed my decision to be here and learn and teach him appropriately."

Tiffany and Chris have not only taken the Associate Level Training, they have also each brought their children to Camp Spring Creek. Stay tuned for their testimonials in the future!