“Now that I’m back at school, I’m not afraid to read in front of my class anymore. I’m also not afraid anymore to tell my teachers what I need. When I’ve told them I need them to read tests out loud to me, they agreed. In fact, some of the teachers have since realized other students benefit from having tests read aloud, too. That makes me feel good.”


“I was amazed at how much my son grew after spending six weeks at Camp Spring Creek. His self-esteem was like I’d never seen it. His reading went up two grade levels.”


“Camp Spring Creek changed my daughter’s life. After her first year in ‘Learning Support’ at age 8, her self-esteem was already sinking. But, after a month at CSC, she came home a new girl and asked me, ‘Mom, why did I have to spend a whole year in Learning Support but still was not able to read, and then I only spent one month at Camp Spring Creek, and I can read. Why?’ From the mouths of babes.”

— Lisa McBride, parent