Returning Campers Speak

We took a moment to talk to returning campers Ana and Emily. Here's what they had to say about Camp Spring Creek: What makes you want to come back to Camp Spring Creek and why?

Ana: I want to come back because it helps me learn and it is so much fun.

Emily: It's so much fun at camp and I learn so much.

What is something that you worried about before you came to camp, that you no longer have to worry about?

Ana: That I would not be good at school work and that I would not make friends.

Emily: I had a lot of stress related to school and camp helped me. I don’t have that as much now.

When you're back at home and you think about all your fun memories from camp, what comes to mind most often? Describe that memory:

Ana: My favorite memory is when we went to the waterfalls, played capture the flag, and other activities.

Emily: I love making new friends and having great experiences.