Week 4 Reflections

Week Four was full of fun and a healthy balance of looking our finest (the Formal Dinner) and getting completely muddy (going spelunking). Here's a list of highlights:

  • We're coming off of 10 consecutive days of rain! But all the roads are open now and though the creeks are still high, we were able to get out and about this weekend for our much-anticipated adventures.
  • Awards were handed out this week to campers who were leaving, and included recognition for: Best Typist, Mr. Odipherous Feet, Mr. Gentleman, Mrs. Huggable, Mrs. Slow-Mo-Jo, and Mrs. Best Big Sister.
  • The camp fave dessert this week was, hands down, CHEESECAKE!
  • After our formal dinner, which included candle-lit tables and sparkling apple cider, we changed back into our everyday clothes and hosted a Skit Night filled with laughter.
  • And speaking of sweets, with a new crew arriving for the second half of summer, the illustrious candy bar treat awaits the first camper who can name everyone (including counselors) at lunch without a mistake.
  • Pics of this would have been impossible, so we'll just tell you that our spelunking adventure included getting to go across an in-cave lake on inflatable tubes!
  • Our famous "Announcements" song, which we sing everyday at lunch, just keeps getting longer and longer. We've added a verse for every week of camp, so you can imagine...um...how long it's starting to take. Keep your fingers crossed for a forthcoming recording of our amazing vocal projections. :-)
  • This weekend was also changeover and the first time we tried "The Big Switch" on the same day. This involved many 4-week campers leaving at the same time that many more new campers arrived, for a grand total of 42 Camp Spring Creek kids all at one meal!
  • We welcomed 17 new 4-week campers including our youngest, at age 7. This includes a camper from Italy (English is his third language!), another from Tanzania, and 3 campers from our new partnership with Open Doors in Asheville. Of course, we have 2 campers here for all 8 weeks, and several others here for 6 weeks. It's a lively bunch!
  • We're also very excited to have a full Senior Boys Cabin going into the rest of the summer!