Our Outreach Center

This time of year, we're all about life in Bakersville at Camp Spring Creek and honored to have counselors, tutors, and campers from all over the world. But in the bigger picture, part of what we strive to do is make Orton-Gillingham instruction and tutoring available to all children, regardless of financial need...and especially to those children in our own backyard of Western North Carolina. To that end, Susie works throughout the school year to train Mitchell & Yancey County Public School teachers in Orton-Gillingham tutoring methods. This training is often funded by grants, donations, or a combination of both. Following training, Susie makes extensive classroom visits all over the tri-county area, assessing teachers and students alike. The end of the school year is an exciting time for our Outreach Center, as we've gathered enough results from classroom visits over the course of a semester to see the details on paper. Here's a quick look at some before and after grade points in Riverside (Mrs. Barrier) and Bald Creek (Ms. Willis) Elementary classrooms. "DSPT" stands for Diagnostic Spelling Potential Test. To learn more about our Outreach Center training opportunities, click here.

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