Week Two: Reflections

There's so much to report on the last two weeks of fun and learning, that we're opting for a list of notes on camp life. Here's the scoop:

  • Weather update: It's been a little cooler and wetter than other years, but everyone is staying active, healthy, and warm.
  • Wildlife update: Not much going on this high up in the mountains, but Mimi the camp dog and Jazz (the neighbor's dog) are holding down the fort. The deer graze at lower elevations, but we have plenty of rabbits and squirrels. Each night, the fireflies are simply amazing...but so far, the campers have all been asleep by the time they come out. In other news, Crumpets the box turtle has been returned to the wild, after much coddling and adoration.
  • Scenery: The Super Moon this weekend was INCREDIBLE! "It was the size of a dinner plate," Susie observed.
  • Camp Songs: The most often repeated Camp Spring Creek song is the "Announcements" song. If you don't know this one, rest assured that your kids will come home with it stuck in their heads forever.
  • Weekends: The first weekend was spent at Wilson's Creek for tubing. The second weekend, everyone camped out on Friday night, then campers went to Huskin's Waterfall and then went bowling in town. They spent Sunday relaxing.
  • This coming weekend all the campers are a-flutter as they prepare for the Summer Dance. This year's theme? Beach Time!
  • The Junior Boys are rulers of the Cabin Inspection award this week, having outscored everyone else in camp. They were awarded with popcorn and a movie (Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief). The Junior Boys also benefit from a visit from Susie every night, as she reads to them from The Dragon Rider.
  • The Trial of Pages is unstoppable this year! Week One, campers read a combined total of 2,648 pages in 47 books. Week Two, they read 3,756 pages in 57 books. Amazing!
  • Last but not least, Olson van der Vorst continues to be seen dashing here and there--rumored to appear more than one place at a time--on the tractor, running the weed whacker, and generally maintaining the entire side of the mountain. He can fix things when they break, fix other things before they break, and keep everything tip-top. He's basically a Super Hero, but we don't think the campers have figured that out yet. Shhhh!