In Their Own Words: New Counselors

Screen shot 2013-05-07 at 5.41.14 PMWe have a number of new counselors on board this year and while they've never been to Camp Spring Creek until now, they certainly come with their own skills and experiences. We asked a few of them what made them want to come to camp and join our team: Rob Watts (aka Watto): "I have never been to a summer camp as such in England, but I did have a similar experience where I spent the week doing activities but left at the end of each day. That is where I first got a taste for archery. I hope I can share that first experience at Camp Spring Creek, leading the archery program."

Zohn Fleming: "I wanted to have a chance to surround myself with a location that I've never been to, and push myself a little out of my comfort zone. I love the places I've been and have gotten to know well...but I'm always open to trying something new. I have been to a different camp in the Northeast and a few in France, and they all have a very different feel. Some seemed like a perfect fit, while others...I hope that the campers remember me as the fun one--not to say that everyone else won't be equally as fun for the campers!"