In Their Own Words: Why Our Counselors Keep Coming Back

Screen shot 2013-05-07 at 5.29.38 PMWe took some time to catch up with our counselors, who are gearing up for their journey to Camp Spring Creek very soon, and asked a returnee what keeps her coming back for another summer: Sigurbjorg Lilja: "Camp Spring is an amazing place that feels like home. It was wonderful to see how the kids got the opportunity to shine in their own special ways. They got the opportunity to teach each other and build long lasting friendships. To be able to see all this happen is what makes me want to be around and come back to camp. I certainly experienced a lot and discovered so many things as a counselor there. I also made a lasting friendship."

Lilja is returning to us from Iceland for her second summer. She has been a competitive swimmer for over 12 years but now just swims for enjoyment. After completing her degree, she is now a teacher and works as a substitute in primary school. She is also a swimming coach for her local swim team. She enjoys outdoor activities and is looking forward to spelunking again this summer.