For the Children: Redefining Success in School & Success in Life by Rob Langston

513B11WR3HL._SY320_In For the Children: Redefining Success in School & Success in Life, author Rob Langston addresses his readers from the heart: "I wrote this book about my learning disability, but this is for anyone who has his or her own special challenge. In this book I tell you about my struggles and accomplishments as a child and an adult with Dyslexia, with the hope that it will give you the strength and encouragement to help yourself or a loved one. I strongly urge you to read this book and apply it to your life. Don't ever give up on your dreams and always believe in yourself." By sharing his experiences in early, middle, and high school classrooms, Langston gives us a fly-on-the-wall view of those moments our children experience that we never get to see. By also sharing about his college years, the author opens the door on the challenges faced by adults with dyslexia as they prepare to make contributions to society and become their own best advocates. A quick read, this book is a great balance between moving, personal stories and practical guidelines. We highly recommend it!