Training, Testing, Paint and More!!!

Last week was a very busy week but filled with lots of exciting happenings.  We have been in two local schools testing children from Kindergarten through Third grade on their reading skills supported by the Janirve and Wal-Mart grants we received.  We will be graphing their pre and post assessments to show each student’s and classrooms growth.  Susie will be working closely with these teachers to help guide them with their new knowledge of Orton-Gillingham.  Monday brought the beginning of an advanced training also supported by Janirve and Wal-Mart.  The teachers receiving this training have taken the Classroom Educator class or the Associate level training and have been implementing Orton-Gillingham in their classrooms.  They also will receive a yearlong mentorship.

Tuesday was the last scheduled class of the Classroom Educator class provided for three teachers in both Yancey and Avery counties.  These teachers have already requested an additional day of training, as they see the benefit of background knowledge to incorporate effective strategies to their Letterland curriculum.  Next week Susie will start going into the classrooms to help the teachers implement what they have learned and model how to use their new knowledge in the classroom.  All six of these teachers are very excited to help their kids and can’t wait to see the students’ growth.

Wednesday starts the second half of a full Associate level training with three eager women.  One was in the office on Monday copying cards, so that she has everything she needs to be ready to start tutoring after class. 

In the midst of all of this the Van der Vorsts have painted their house and office.  Steve is also working on putting on a full two-car garage, which limited the parking. So we all have been very busy, and we like that.