An Exciting Week

Things have been crazy with two trainings taking place simultaneously. Susie finished up the first week of an Associate training this weekend and will continue with the second half next week. Thanks to a local grant Susie will continue to train six local teachers, 3 K-2 teachers from Yancey County and 3 K-3 teachers from Avery County, affecting nearly 100 students in the first year. All of our trainees are eager to learn as much as they can.

For those who do not know, Sara, a tutor from the summer has stepped in to keep things organized in the office as our office manager. She is a welcome addition. Sara will be representing Camp Spring Creek at the NC Youth Camp Association's annual meeting being held September 11th at Camp Highlander. On Wednesday and Thursday Susie and staff will be testing kids in the classrooms of Yancy and Avery Counties. Then at the end of the school year we will retest to show the progress the students make, using OG strategies to supplement their Letterland instruction in the classroom. This will be a busy and exciting week.