Week Two--a wee bit late!

In Steve’s words-We’ve had the smoothest first weeks of camp ever!  We just seem to have the right blend of campers, tutors, counselors, and support-staff this year—all to say this is the best summer since . . . last summer!

The campers are AWESOME!  Their personalities are rapidly growing on us and their participation in all activities is 100%.  So far, there has been record low home- sickness and some very stiff competition in “Room-Inspections.”

We have a great balance of skills, talents, and experience with the counseling staff.  In their interactions with the campers, they display a healthy level of fun-ness, fairness, and firmness.

The overall smoothness of these first weeks seems to have a very positive effect on the happiness of the campers and should set the stage for great individual academic progress.

Oh yeah, did I mention the food?  French toast made with homemade cinnamon bread, fresh pineapples, a fantastic salad bar . . . just AWESOME!

From our wonderful, worldly counselors . . . Well, there we go, second week of camp has flown by just as quickly as the first and it has been just as much fun this week as last. Again the week has been a mixture of hard work and good fun. Tutoring and typing has come on by leaps and bounds, with the campers putting in a lot of effort and applying themselves well. Equally they are working hard in art and woodshop, expanding and improving upon last weeks work and moving on to new projects. Art, this week, has focused on making paste paper, and has been greatly enjoyed by all the campers, who have delighted in creating colourful (UK spelling!) patterns on their paper. While in woodshop, the campers have been making Logger-phones, an instrument made with bottle caps and bells that makes a lovely noise when banged against the floor. The designs the campers have created are a great mix of colors and they will look and sound amazing when they get a chance to show them off! In outdoors, prep is being done for rock climbing and paintball which will hopefully take place in the next week or so. Campers have also attempted to dam the creek, taken leaf and tree rubbings and helped with a 1000 piece jigsaw when the weather forced outdoors to become indoors. The junior girls celebrated winning the first week of cabin inspections with a film night, which despite a slight mix up in film was still enjoyed. There was also great fun had over the weekend, with the campers spending the night in Virginia camping out then cycling the next day, which despite the weather trying to derail the fun still created good stories to tell. The weekend had a more relaxed finale with the campers going tubing down a nearby river, a very enjoyable way to spend an afternoon! So all in all its been another awesome week here at Camp Spring Creek!