Summer Camp-Week One!

So, here we go with our new blog . . . hopefully, parents and friends of Camp Spring Creek can be a part of our camp community by following our weekly posts.  Each week, one of our tutors and counselors, along with Susie, will write a brief summary of the week at camp, including camper activities, trips, and academic achievements.  We'll also include some photos so you can see the many smiling faces.  Enjoy and feel free to comment, and stay tuned for next week's posting. From Susanne, one of awesome tutors:

What an incredible start to camp! This is my sixth year as a tutor, and I have never seen such a bonded group of enthusiastic counselors. It is obvious that they are loving it and have the “free” time for the kids so well planned. We have such a wonderful group of students that have started our summer camp. They are eager to learn and even take homework seriously during their vacation! I am so glad to be tutoring alongside with Amy, who is another returning tutor, and we both are impressed with our new math tutor, Judy. All campers and staff have their energy level up due to the gourmet meals produced by our chef, Erin. Every meal is a treat. So we are off and running for another great summer of fun and learning.

Our counselors speak out:

Well, it’s been an amazing first week of camp, and so much has happened already. So, here’s a brief overview of our week. Campers arrived on Sunday morning, and in a flurry of activity camp officially began. The week has been full of great moments and hard work. The whole camp; tutors, counselors and campers have all worked together and achieved a lot in these first 7 days. Already projects are being completed in art and woodshop, great gains are being made in swimming and all the campers are working hard in tutoring and typing. In woodshop, not only have the campers made name-badges for pretty much the entire camp, they’ve also created small box drums that they all made and decorated themselves. In outdoors, campers have taken part in activities ranging from creek hikes to putting up tents and have had great fun doing so. And finally the campers very quickly made us counselors aware of a general love to Capture the Flag, but have also done treasure hunts and even board games and table football when the rain prevented outside games. So all in all, it’s been a wonderful start to the next eight weeks. Let’s keep it up!

In Susie's words . . . 

I live for the summer! This is when I am in my glory, surrounded by these great thinkers. We are so excited to have such a great group of campers. We started our season with 10 campers-- half of which are returning campers. Since we do not have a password protected section on our site yet, we will allude to our campers by vague descriptions that parents should know without naming them directly until we have a more secure way to blog.

Our counselors seem to be the best we’ve had yet with lots of great ideas and incredible energy and enthusiasm. We’re off to enjoy weekend of camping and bike riding. Let’s hope it won’t rain. (Well it did rain, and we spent Sunday washing some very muddy laundry!) On Sunday after we added another camper from Winston-Salem, we plan to go tubing, so look for pictures in the coming days…