Camper Blog Takeover, August Edition!


Camp Spring Creek

by Peyton H.

I have completed three years at Camp Spring Creek. I plan to keep coming here until I am 15, which will be three more years. The experiences offered here are so important. You meet outstanding counselors and campers from all over the world. You make connections that last long after camp ends.The activities here never get old, at least for me. Every activity is scheduled at a certain time. You’ll have classes with some of the friends you are close to, and some that are new. In some classes you can choose what you want to do like in woodshop, for example, the teacher allows you to choose some of your projects. Some of the kids are making birdhouses while others are making chairs. You should always have a good mindset. If you think it’s going to be boring, you need to understand that there’s learning as well. If you think of it as a new experience then it is going to be fun. When I first came to the camp I was a negative thinker, and then I took a step back and looked at it in a new perspective. It changed my act. 

Tutoring is a new thing to some people. It will be boring at first, but it will get better. The first year I came here, I gained a lot of knowledge. But dyslexia still affected me and I would misspell words, and misread also. All dyslexics need is the right way of teaching. Dyslexia will stay with you your whole life, but you need to overcome it. At Camp Spring Creek, you are with other dyslexics. 

On the weekends everyone goes to do activities like tubing, roller skating, going to the lake, and hiking. These fun activities are to take a break from your regular schedule. I love the weekend trips because you can talk to your friends if you don’t have any classes with them. To wrap it up, I love Camp Spring Creek and I AM PROUD TO BE DYSLEXIC.


Camp Spring Creek

by Ben

Here at Camp Spring Creek, kids with dyslexia come from all over the world to get help from certified Orton-Gillingham tutors to improve their reading and writing abilities. Camp also offers a great time with weekend activities such as whitewater rafting and caving. Camp also has day-to-day classes Monday-Friday, such as woodshop, art, and swimming. Also in your day is your hour of one-on-one tutoring and an hour of typing.

Sometimes someone will come to do something special, like this year Nathan came from D.C. to teach us film during the last half of our typing classes. Some of my favorite things at camp are reading hour Monday-Friday, and cabin time where you get an hour to an hour and a half to talk and play games with your fellow cabin mates. There is still plenty of time to make friends from other cabins, and to talk to counselors and tutors from around the world. Camp Spring Creek has been a valuable experience for me. I have learned a lot and gained a lot of great experiences in return. I would recommend it to kids with dyslexia if they need help learning. 


My Best Week at Camp

by Baxter

My best week at camp was when Miss SueLing got here and when Nathan started teaching. After typing class, we do something really fun. We also had a lot of fun when we went roller skating. We got spending money that we could use on beverages, food, music, and stuff like that. We also got to stay there for a long time and me and Rohan had a lot of fun together. We also played tag while we were skating and that is all we did for the rest of the night.

While we went tubing on the river, me and Noah were searching for stuff in the river and whatever we found we put in Noah’s tube. The things we found include: wheels, the sole of a shoe, some really cook rocks and a lot of other stuff like that.


Book Summary: Peter and the Starcatchers

by Ellis

Peter and the Starcatchers is another version of Peter Pan. In this book, Peter is in an orphanage-type place, but gets put on a boat called the Never Land. Peter meets a girl, Molly, who is a Starcatcher in training (of course, Peter doesn’t know this yet). After Peter finds out about Molly and who else is after  the starstuff (to use it in a bad way), Peter and Molly end up having to get a trunk full of starstuff away from the feared pirate Captain Stache and the not-as-feared pirate Captain Slank. Peter, the other orphans, Molly and a nice sailor named Alf get stranded on an island full of the Mollusks people (the people who have been on the island from the beginning).

In the end, Peter gets the ability to fly forever and with that gift comes a cost. Peter will stay a young boy forever Molly and her dad (who got to the island with the other Starcatchers) get the trunk safely aboard a ship because of Peter’s heroic acts of bravery.

Peter ends up staying on the island because he feels that he doesn’t fit in where everyone else is going (England). 

Peter said that he can’t be his true self when he is in England, but can on the island of the Mollusks. After Peter decides to stay, the rest of the orphans want to stay, too, because Peter was the leader in the group and they are family, so everyone else goes back to England with one final goodbye. 


Tubing on the River

by Hailey

Yesterday at Camp Spring Creek, we went tubing down the river. Going down the river was peaceful until my friends and I got stuck in a tree. But after that it got really fun. My friends started flipping others tubes, and then mine.

 Some people swam with out a tube for a while then got back on the tubes. I flipped Galen and Eliana over. I did swim a little, but I kept hitting rocks in my side. I now have a bruise from one rock that really hurt, but it’s alright. After a while we started to relax but then Eliana and Melanie lost their tubes, so we had to get them. Then someone deflated my tube, and so I did it back. All of our tubes ended up deflated. When we got out at our destination, we got in trouble for deflating them, but it was worth it.