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My Experience at Camp So Far

By Gus

I got out of school on May 24th. The first weekend I packed to go to Hawaii. My family and I took three plane rides to Hawaii. That’s ten hours of plane riding. After many boring hours, we arrived in Hawaii, which looks a lot like Florida at first glance. We rode back to America after 7 days in paradise. I only had 16 days until I was to go to this camp, so all that I did was tell everyone about my trip, went to a couple of movies, hanging out with friends, and rearranged my room. My mom and I drove to the camp and stayed at a hotel. We also went to the Alien Festival and got some diamonds. When I first arrived here I was a little scared, but it's ok now. I have had a lot of fun so far in my third week out of my four-week session here. 

Two weeks ago, I thought camp was going to be like school but with different activities. But that's not what it's like. On the weekends we do a bunch of fun stuff like hiking to a waterfall, playing in Bakersville, having campfires, camping, roller skating, fishing, and much more. And on Sundays we have a slide show of all the photos we've taken over the week.

During the weekdays, it's also fun. You get to bond with peers and make more friends and every night after dinner we do something new and fun. Some of the daily activities are fun, too, like woodworking, art, swimming and outdoors. The food is great and we have three meals per day. The tutoring here is better in helping my dyslexia than most places I have been to. For my first year at this camp,  I love it. We take busses to everywhere we go and we listen to great music from the past. We have a dance near the end of the camp and I’ve heard it’s the best part of the camp and I can't wait for it. I've made many friends so far and hope to make more. CAMP SPRING CREEK ROCKS. 

Camp Spring Creek

by Olivia

Camp Spring Creek is amazing! It is so transformational. I came here my first year when I was 8 years old. Then I wasn’t even reading at a kindergarten level in third grade. Now I am 11 years old and excelling in reading, writing, and school. I have A’s in every class including English and Latin. Camp really changed me for the best. I’ve made so many friends here that I am still in contact with even if they live in different places.

The staff here are great. The counselors are outstanding! They encourage you, support you, and make you laugh. Camp makes you confident, and not afraid to be different, stand up for yourself and others, and dream big. I used to not think I was smart enough to dream, but now I want to be a New York Times best- selling author of two novels not including the one I want to write before I’m 14.

Camp is wonderful. We do relaxing things and adventurous ones. We float down rivers in tubes, we go water skiing. We go camping and we go fishing. Tutoring is great. My tutor, Ishani, is making learning fun and interesting. Sometimes we stand and sometimes me sit. She changes it every day. We do all sorts of activities in everything every day. Camp Spring Creek is life changing. It changed me for the best.

Camp Spring Creek, 2019

by Jackson

“Jackson, you’re going to Camp Spring Creek.”

“What? That’s not fair. I don’t want to go.”

 Three Weeks later (On a plane to Charlotte, NC)

 “So, Jackson, are you excited for camp?” asks Dad.

“Nooo, I don’t want to go. Do I have to go?”

 Three Days Later

I was there all by myself at first. I tried to stay to myself, but I just couldn’t. I’m too social for that. I could never stay to myself for a whole month. I had to make friends and quickly before people started grouping up and I got left out. I made friends pretty quickly. I am a likable person and I was like the cool guy overnight.

First came seating assignments, but little did I know, I got lucky. I had two of the nicest people at camp at my table.Jose and Abby are the chefs at camp. They are the best. They cook three meals a day for around 50 people for eight weeks. Now, that is amazing if I’ve ever seen it. And it’s not cafeteria food where they just plop stuff on your plate. This is like when your grandmother cooks Thanksgiving and you eat as much as possible and you are about to pass out from too much food. Me, Abby, and Jose are all friends. That’s why on Sunday I get extra ice cream. That’s why Jose and Abby are the two best people at camp. 

Dyslexia and Camp

by Jake

Dyslexia is a  general term for disorders that involve difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols, but that does not affect general intelligence. This is the definition of dyslexia, but this does not define me or anyone. Muhammad Ali, Walt Disney, Steven Spielberg, Agatha Christie, Cher, Jim Carrey all  have dyslexia, but has this stopped them in their fame? No, it hasn't. Just because they learn differently and think differently doesn't mean one can define them by this one term! My name is Jake, and I have dyslexia. Although I have dyslexia and although I have trouble reading and spelling, there are places for people like me or possibly you to correct your skills. These places are all over the country, but the one place that people come from all over the world is in Bakersville NC.  This camp is called Camp Spring Creek. 

Life at Camp

by Lauchlin

My name is Lauchlin, and I also go to Camp Spring Creek. It is a great camp to learn and play. They have one-to-one tutoring, art and crafts, typing, swimming, wood shop, and outdoors. The tutors help you with your spelling and reading. In arts and crafts we do a different project every week. In typing we do the ABC’s with our eyes closed. In swimming we learn different techniques needed to improve our hand-to-eye coordination. In woodshop we make boxes, trophies, and other objects. Woodshop also helps us in math and measuring. When we have outdoors, it is fun for us and it helps our relationship with the other campers and nature. We also go on crazy field trips.  During our weekend time, we get to do different fun and challenging activities like roller skating, and tubing. We get to do things that challenge us mentally and physically which makes us very happy. 


Book Reviews

by Emma

Some of the books that I have enjoyed are Stolen Girl, A Whole New World, and A Sucky Love Story. I enjoyed the book Stolen Girl because it was about someone who lived during WWII, and I find those stories very interesting and educational. I enjoyed the book A Whole New World because it was an alternate version of The Little Mermaid. I love Disney and I loved hearing a new story that was very exciting. I enjoyed the book A Sucky Love Story was a true story about a girl who got in an abusive relationship, and it's about her survival. I enjoy nonfiction books a lot, so I was very interested in the book.