Camp Spring Creek Stories: Andrew's Robot

Over the course of the summer at Camp Spring Creek, campers and their tutors spend a lot of time together. This time is both fun and challenging, filled with great leaps in learning every day. Our tutors go above and beyond to get to know each camper as an individual, tuning in to the camper's unique way of learning, personality and interests. We're thrilled when that individual interest goes both ways.

While working with his tutor Ishani, Andrew noticed that she could use a place to put her pens, pencils and notecards. In woodshop, he designed and crafted this robot bookshelf for her office, drilling holes for the pens and pencils on the ends of the "arms" so that they look like fingers. The robot now 'lives' in her office, a permanent gift to her. 

We are proud of our creative campers! But we're also proud of their thoughtfulness and kindness to each other and to their tutors and counselors. Camp brings out the best in everyone!