Camp Spring Creek: A Tale of Two Friendships

Camp is as much about friendship as it is about fun and learning. Each summer, campers from around the world come together to spend a lot of time close together on this mountain outside of Bakersville, North Carolina. In this special environment, it's always amazing to see how quickly friendships develop. This first session of 2016 has been no exception. Here are a few of the superstar friendships we've noticed at Camp Spring Creek this summer. 

Ellie and Olivia have been to camp together before, but they were in different cabins and didn't really know each other. This year, staying in the same cabin, they developed a remarkable friendship. Even though they spend a lot of time together, they never get tired of each other. They both love to read and although they have different taste in books (Olivia likes contemporary YA like John Green books and Ellie likes series such as Harry Potter). Counselors say these two girls are always laughing and smiling and brightening everyone else's day!

Enzo comes from California and Will from the Cayman Islands. But despite coming from very different places, these two have formed a fast friendship. It's not necessarily easy for 13-year-old boys to make new friends, but these two have a similar sense of humor and keep each other cracking up all the time. Will they keep in touch after camp ends? They'd like to!  

We're proud of all of our campers for their kindness and the way they take chances on new friendships and support each other! Camp friendships are truly unforgettable!