In Her Own Words: Marguerite van der Vorst, Camp Counselor (& more)

PastedGraphic-1We briefly surveyed some of our camp staff at the end of this summer and would like to share some of their inspiring responses. This week's reply comes from camp daughter Marguerite, who has also served as lifeguard, counselor, and all-around helper and motivator. Here's what she had to say: Camp Spring Creek: Explain some of your impressions as a Counselor for Camp Spring Creek. What proved most challenging? What proved most rewarding?

Marguerite van der Vorst: As a camp counselor there were both rewards and challenges. It might sound cliche, but the most challenging part of camp was watching all the children who I had grown so close to, leave. There were other challenging parts of course, but nothing as challenging as their departure. The most rewarding part was watching the kids improve not only in their academics, but also in their self-confidence and, for me, their swimming and water skiing abilities. Seeing that sparkle in their eyes when they achieved something they didn’t think they could just melted my heart.
CSC: As a role model to young campers, what were you most surprised by once you got to know the campers and felt comfortable in your role as Camp Counselor?
MV: I was most surprised by the connections I built with the campers so quickly. I knew I would grow close to them over time, but never realized that in four weeks they would feel like family. On a humorous note, I was surprised at how well I could deal with vomit and sick children.:)
CSC: Where are you now and what are you up to? (Job, school, city, country.)
MV: Right now I am currently in school at UNC Wilmington. I just started my sophomore year and couldn’t be busier. I just got accepted into the Honors College which added to my workload. I also have gotten quite involved with my sorority and plan to run for Scholarship Chair in December.
CSC: Finally, if you have a fave photo that you took this summer, please share it with us.
MV: I couldn’t choose between the two, so enjoy both!