Week Three: Reflections

Lots going on as Camp Spring Creek living wraps up Week 3 and heads into Week 4. Here's the latest dispatch:

  • A big welcome to two new campers this week: Emily and Miles! Woo-hoo!
  • The "Harlem Shake" has hit Camp Spring Creek and there's no telling when the next spontaneous outburst of dancing may occur...on the way to class, in the middle of kickball, along the pool deck...who knows? We're loving it.
  • Fave camp games as of late are Capture the Flag, Scavenger Hunt, and a new hybrid game created by Marguerite that is a half "Amazing Race" and half "Survivor."
  • Fave foods last week included: pralines and cream ice cream, a blueberry marshmallow dessert invention, pork tenderloin, and mashed sweet potatoes.
  • Last weekend included a hike down into Linville Falls Gorge and back up, a day trip to Lake James, and a special outing to see the new Disney movie called Monsters University!
  • Study Hall: For those who don't know, campers get Friday and Saturday "off" from Study Hall, but the class starts again Sunday evenings after Build Your Own Ice Cream Sundae (the ice cream helps, we swear). During this hour, students work independently on skills they have practiced with their tutors all week, with the idea that this will encourage them to practice OG lessons when they get home after camp. Each Study Hall has 2 tutors who sponsor the campers, but for the most part, campers are on their own to learn, practice, and re-enforce last week's skills.
  • In van der Vorst news, Nina the camp photographer has been offering 15-minute slide shows every Sunday evening to display her work and Marguerite came on board as a full-time counselor this week (allowing Grace to transition into full-time tutoring). Steve has also been dropping hints all week about a "big plan" for the boys' cabins next year, but so far he hasn't shared his carpenter's secrets with anyone yet. And Susie just learned she will be a featured presenter at the 2013 International Dyslexia Association Conference held in New Orleans, November 6-9. For parents, educators, and tutors alike this is a great opportunity to learn more and offer your kids the best...and meet up with Susie while you're at it!