In His Own Words: Carl, Camper

Screen shot 2013-03-28 at 11.25.45 AMThis testimonial was originally published in the Camp Spring Creek newsletter. To view or download any newsletters for free, click here. My first year at Camp Spring Creek I was a shy, little eight-year-old. I was scared out of my wits, but that suddenly changed by the third day. I had so much fun and made so many friends and I knew most, if not all, the campers and the staff. I learned more than I could in a school year at the public school in my home town. That first year, my mother and father said that I showed a huge improvement in my reading and writing skills.

After the winter and the spring passed, another six hour drive to Camp Spring Creek was ahead of me. But this summer was different because I was not looking forward to working on my reading and writing skills all summer. But my parents pushed me to com to camp. I was expecting camp to be like it was the year before. But this year, it was different because there was an international staff and it was harder to communicate with them. After a few weeks, it was a bit easier. I learned just as much as the year before. They boys had a new cabin and a new activity--woodshop. Steve was the teacher and we had loads of fun sawing away.

Then I won with my parents and for a summer I got to go to Camp Seagull for a month. I then returned to Camp Spring Creek for my third summer with the same non-willing and poor attitude, but that was a HUGE mistake. Everything changed and in a good way. I had the most fun in my life because I had Miss Amy for my tutor, the food was great, and we had two of the craziest counselors ever.

I think now that I have matured a bit, I have found that I want to come back for a final year as a camper at Camp Spring Creek. I've gained more knowledge, especially from working with Steve and gaining more advanced skills in tutoring with Susie. At some point, I would love to come back as a Counselor-in-Training and then a Counselor.