About Dyslexia

This past month we have attended many camp fairs.  It has been great to meet so many parents and students. The Spring Newsletter is being written.  We have almost all of our counselors for this summer and you will be able to learn more about them in the newsletter.  It is going to be a wonderful summer with lots of energetic people. If you're not on our email list, contact us at info@campspringcreek.org to receive our newsletter.

Susie continues to work in the public schools in Mitchell County and sees growth in the classrooms.  We will be heading back into the schools for post testing starting in April.  It will be exciting to see how much each student has grown this year.

Steve has been busy up at camp changing a few things around for this summer.  One of the new exciting things at camp is some new refrigerators that will help make preparing meals more efficient.

For everybody who was excited to hear about Mimi, camp's new dog, she is growing everyday and is full of energy.  I know when camp comes she will be very excited to greet everyone.

Keep an eye on our website I have been adding some new things.  There is now a place where we will be linking articles it’s under About Dyslexia.  If you have read any articles that you think others might like to read please email them to me info@campspringcreek.org

We are still looking for a cook so if you know of anybody who might be interested please let us know.