November is Almost Over

We hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of yummy food and time spent with family and friends.  Everybody here had a great time and enjoyed the great weather.  This week has started off well with Susie spending Monday morning at Bald Creek Elementary.  Everybody is starting to see progress in their students which only reminds everyone why they do what they do.

Thanks to the Janirve found we will be able to train a few teacher assistants, two from Avery County, two from Yancey County and one from Mitchell County.  All are looking forward to the training and understanding more of what the teachers are doing in their classrooms.

You can take a look at our Fall newsletter by clicking the link provided.

If you are still thinking about making a donation don’t forget you can now do so by credit card just give us a call at 828-766-5032. Thank you to everyone who has already supported Camp.