Middle of Ocober Already!!!

Where does the time go it’s already the middle of October.  Between trainings, assessments, and keeping up with the office we are staying very busy.  Susie started going into classrooms last week to observe how the teachers structure their classrooms.  By seeing the layouts of the class she can best direct them with a tailored approach.  We have also been gathering tools that will help facilitate the multisensory approach that is so beneficial.

Something we saw at The Key Learning Center, in Asheville that won’t break the bank and will help with writing. Go to your local craft store, we found ours at Michaels, and ask for plastic canvas.  It comes in sheets a little bigger than printer paper.  You can then draw lines with a permanent marker appropriate size for the child.  This becomes a tracing pad.  They can then practice the alphabet, cursive, there spelling words, numbers, etc.  This is a great way to have sensory input.

On Saturday Susie will be heading to Sandhills Academy to spread the word of Camp Spring Creek and hear Ron Yoshimoto speak.

Stay tuned for the rest of October as we have many more exciting things to come.