Week 7: A Campers Point of View

Hello, my name in Marco. I’m in the Senior Boys Cabin and I am the oldest camper at camp this year. I’m writing the Blog this week to give you a campers’ perspective. First of all I want to say straight up that in my third year I am still enjoying camp a lot. As you might know from the last few blogs a lot of things happen here at camp - we are non-stop! This means there isn’t much time to rest.
In a previous blog a few weeks back we told you that visited Wilson's Falls, last weekend we went again, and it was pretty amazing! It was a completely different experience this time because there was a totally different group of campers. The hike there was always a bit of a pain and it still is... but it’s a “fun” pain! We get to talk on the hike and it’s always a good time. It’s truly amazing how many different subjects you can talk about in a 30-minute hike! Junior girls have won cabin inspection again this week and they got to spend the evening doing free swimming which they invited the senior girls to also, while us boys hit up the cabin and done some serious cleaning.

This week we also had group Olympics. We were in 4 groups and our group names were “Ice Ice Baby”, “Ireland”, “United States of Awesome”, and “God Save the Queen”. As you can probably tell, the names where based on some of the counselors leading their teams. It was an awful lot of fun, as long as you’re a good sport and care about having fun, not just about winning. We did land Olympics, which involved archery, long jump, running, hoola-hooping, ball catching, and the egg and spoon race. We also did water Olympics, which involved relays and a mixed stroke relays. The teams were quite even and we all got decent scores.

On Thursday we had skit night again, which is as always pretty funny!! There was dance and singing performances and lots of skits about the leaving campers. For comic relief, Olson, Armand, Donagh and I did the “Cinnamon Challenge”. It wasn't very pleasant but nevertheless it was fun and I was told it was hilarious to watch.

Later today (Friday) we will finish after 4th period and head to Lake James to go wake-boarding, tubing, kayaking, and swimming. Then, tonight we will have our weekly campfire (hmmm...smoorrrres) and camp out in tents around the fire.... a late night for sure....

Well, that’s it for this week’s blog. I hope you enjoyed hearing about the activities for the week. Only 7 days left and you will all have your children back!

Thanks for reading,