Week 5: New Campers

Hey! How’s it going? My name is Blinky and I’m the Scottish counselor.  I am in charge of archery and help run the other outdoor activities at camp. This is the first year camp has had archery in their curriculum, and the kids are having a blast. We’ve even hit the “bullseye”. This past week was fun, especially getting to know all the new campers who arrived last Sunday. During the week we had a lot of rain, so most outdoor activity time has been spent inside doing indoor games. But this weekend has been super busy and full of activities. On Saturday we went to the Storytelling Festival in Bakersville, where the campers got to hear old stories from all over the US. Afterwards we went to Tom Huskins Falls, where we used biodegradable shampoo and stared in our own L’Oreal commercial. Once bathed and shampooed, we headed to the bowling alley in Marion, had lots of fun, hit a few strikes and spares, and ate far too many sweets! On Sunday one of our camper’s family graciously invited us to visit their house on Lake James and use all their cool water “toys”. The kids had the chance to go swimming, paddle boating, kayaking, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, tubing and waterskiing; some for the very first time. Following a barbeque lunch, grilled by me…. we arrived back to camp late…. Worn and exhausted, even the counselors were ready for bed.

So, that’s 5 weeks down with 3 more to go. We are all a bit tired but still having lots of fun together. We will keep you all posted about next week!