Week 3: Still Having Fun

Hi I am Jenny, the English counselor, I am spending the summer working on art projects with the kids at camp, as well as helping out and participating in all the fun activities. Now that the third week of camp is over, I can’t believe how fast the weeks are flying by, and we are almost half way through our time here. Everyone is doing such a great job, the campers and staff are working very hard and also having so much fun! We had a fantastic weekend. Saturday we took a trip to Wilsons Creek. We all really enjoyed spending time by the waterfalls and in the pools as well as the beautiful scenery.  Sunday we went tubing (floating down a river on a rubber ring) nearby at Loafers Glory.

As well as their tutoring classes this week, the children have been involved in paintball, archery, creating planes in woodshop, and mosaics in art. Toward the end of the week we started work on our float for the 4th of July parade, so look out for pictures of that next week. We’re all very excited to be involved. This weekend we are taking a camping trip so during outdoor activities the children have been practicing tent pitching.

Nightly activities have been a hit this week and have included a film night, paintball, friendship bracelet making (which has become the craze this week!), kick ball at Bakersville baseball field and a scavenger hunt.

Next week marks the middle of our summer camp program and whilst a few of our campers will be leaving us, we will also be welcoming a bunch of new campers. It will be a busy week full of dance night, skit night, and 4th of July celebrations so it’s going to be a great week, and I’m sure we’re going to have a terrific time.