Week 8 . . . and that's a wrap!

Oh, how the summer did go by in a flash!  Kids here in Mitchell county are already back in school and many of our campers were headed home for last hurrahs-trips to the beach, family vacations, school shopping.  We had an incredible bunch of campers, counselors, tutors, and staff and we thank each and every person that made Camp Spring Creek 2011 a great summer.  We will miss everyone and wish all of our campers great success in the upcoming school year! One Last Word from our Fantastic Counselors:

Well, here we are, final week of camp has arrived. This week has been an awesome one, with lots going on. For two evenings this week all the campers have taken part in the Pirate Olympics! Both Monday and Wednesday evenings have been taken up with a series of different events, all in some way Pirate related. Monday saw the pool day, with events such as relays, a cannonball competition, diving for treasure and a boat race (the boats had been made in wood shop).  The camp was split into three teams and points were award for each event. It was an amazing evening and everyone had lots of fun. Wednesday was the field day, and the whole camp went down to Bakersville and used the local park as an arena for the next lot of events. The field day included events like a water balloon toss, the four person ski, and a game called Walk the Plank (which involved getting all your team over a set distance using only three thinks, two planks and a foam mat). The day ended with the Pirate Game, a version of the game front of the boat, which has proved popular over the past few weeks. All the campers had a great time and showed very sportsmanlike attitudes and had a lot of fun! Tuesday night saw the girls taking their turn at seeing the glass blowing and making paperweights. During the day, usual activities have continued and even though it is our final week, everyone is still working hard. So, there we go, it’s been an amazing summer here at camp!