Week Three and a Half and Week Four-it's a MAC thing!

So, my glitch with the tutors and counselors entries from week three was because the text was formatted on a MAC and for the first (and only) time this summer, I tried posting to the blog using a PC.  Ah, so there really is a difference!  Anyway, this post includes the missing posts from week Three as well as posts from last week, week Four.  Week Five is well underway and things are continuing to go very smoothly.  It's a lot of fun to have quite a few new campers but we already miss the first four week-ers.  Read on . . . From Counselor Hannah, from week Three:

I can’t believe we’re already three weeks in to camp! As it is said, time flies when you’re having fun and week three has been just as enjoyable and jam-packed as the previous two weeks. So, after the arrival last Sunday of 5 new campers, we welcomed them in true Camp Spring Creek style with an enjoyable afternoon in the pool, with campers having fun whether they were attempting to build houses with the floating tiles, pool Frisbee or joining in with pool volleyball, a great time was had by all. Art this week has been amazing fun – with campers working on a float for the fourth of July parade, while also having fun dressing up, drawing their favorite animals and face painting! In wood-shop, campers have been making whistles, making the rectangular blocks into round whistles has taken patience but the campers are happy with the results. The week ended in wood-shop with the campers starting to design bridges and working together as groups to pick the best design.

They are all still making great progress in swimming, typing and tutoring and working really hard all round. We have finally got the rock wall in action and campers have had a great time scaling it during outdoors. Our other outdoor activity this week has been setting up an area for paintball, which has kept the campers busy. In  our after dinner activities this week, we have experienced our first Skit Night, which caused great hilarity, the acts ranged from a dramatized retelling of a story to a song and dance number to a very original rendition of jingle bells! There has also been a days of classic playground games, capture the flag and Hunters (a cross between capture the flag, tag and hide and seek.) It has been a busy week, and we ended it with a camping trip up to Lineville falls. The campsite was lovely and the campers enjoyed the adventure of it all. The next day was equally full, as the campers learnt to fly-fish, regular fish and then hiked up Lineville gorge to see the waterfall.  Topped off by a trip to a local high school to watch pre-fourth of July fireworks.

It has been a terrific week and we’re all looking forward to the next one!

Hannah - Girls Counselor

From MATH world by Judy

Our math students, ranging in age from 8 to 15, are strengthening their skills, all the way from counting and adding to graphing  equations. Group projects so far have included exploring the Fibonacci sequence and spiral; drawing circles and hexagons with a compass and ruler; using Cuisenaire rods and fraction circles, to get the feel of quantities; calculating the number of pans our chef needed for pizza last week!

Our oldest student, who plans to become a teacher, is immensely helpful with the younger campers.

We have a spacious, sunny math room, furnished with books, manipulatives, posters, and games for all levels. We are fostering team spirit, helping each other so we can rise together.

And on to Week Four-our counselors speak out!


Week four has definitely been an exciting 7 days! A lot has happened, since our return from camping last weekend. We have gained 2 new campers who are fitting in well, but we are about to lose our first 5 campers as their time at Camp Spring Creek is over.

But what a way to spend their last week. Monday was of course a special day, being the 4th of July and everything. The campers joined in the festivities by taking part in a local parade, they dressed up in fantastic costumes and marched, sang, chanted and danced their way along behind the float they had helped create with this weeks art teacher, True Kelley. They were so amazingly enthusiastic that Camp Spring Creek won the audience award after the parade. The evening was topped off by a fabulous fireworks display, so a happy Fourth of July was had by all.

The week continued in a high, with Tuesday marking our first camp dance - the campers all boogied down in the dinning hall, which had been fixed up which lights and a disco ball for the occasion.

Thursday saw our second Skit night take place, in special honor of our departing campers, although everyone was opening to a little roasting and laughter was a constant. The skits ranged in focus from some of our campers more hilarious moments, to some of our tutors ones as well. The counselors, campers and staff all had a great time laughing at ourselves. The evening ended with awards being handed out to the 5 campers who are leaving, a lovely way to cap off their time with us!

So there we go, the week has also been the usual mix of hard work and good fun, and ended with this years first trip to Lake James. Which despite us not being able to get out water skiing was still a great day out.

So that’s all for now, see you again soon.  Enjoy the photos!