Meet the Counselors: Louise Farman

Next up in our Meet the Counselors series, it’s Louise Farman, who’ll be a girls counselor. Louise hails from Newcastle in the the north of England, so she’ll be regaling us with her Geordie accent (she explains more below)! In addition to working with kids, Louise has her nurse’s qualifications! She’s an adventurous spirit who’s up for anything from archery to arts and crafts. Harry Potter fans, don’t be jealous: the picture on the left is Louise at Durham Cathedral which you may remember from many of the Potter films! Please join us in welcoming Louise!


Where are you from? Can you tell us a little about it and what it’s known for?

I’m from Newcastle in the Northeast of England. I live near the coast where there are beautiful beaches and the buzzing city center is just a short drive away. Newcastle is known to be one of the UK’s friendliest cities and for the 'Geordie' accent, so I will speak too fast and say strange words like 'why aye man' which means yes!

What do you do during the year?

I have recently started my job as a children’s nurse, I work on a ward in a hospital where I look after children with conditions that effect the kidneys, stomach and feeding. I love my job as a nurse as I provide care for children during health and illness, although my job is challenging everyday is different and it is extremely rewarding.

Tell us about your experiences working with children.

Throughout my nurse training (which was three years) I worked as a student nurse on many different children’s wards and also worked in schools for children with additional needs. I enjoy working with young people as despite being in hospital children are resilient and continue to have a smile on their face. I have also volunteered at a residential camp for children with long-term health conditions called ‘Over the wall.’ At camp I supported campers during activities such as archery and rock climbing and I threw myself into the activities. This amazing experience was one of many reasons why I’m excited to come to Camp Spring Creek.

What were you like as a child? Did you attend camp yourself?

 I was a happy child, outgoing, always smiling, laughing lots and would be found outdoors with my friends playing sports. I loved school because I enjoy learning new things and I had amazing friends, many of whom are my friends for life. I didn’t attend a camp, but I wish I could have because I am 100 percent sure I would have loved it!

What are your hobbies/what do you like to do during your free time?

I spend most of my free time with my friends and family and find ways to keep busy by going for walks, eating lots of food, and playing board games. I like swimming, baking and seeking out new activities and adventures. I tried bouldering with my friends for the first time the other day and although I found it difficult it was something new and fun to do.

Are there any games/activities that you’re looking forward to sharing with campers?

I enjoy playing sports such as netball and rounders that I can share. I like arts and crafts so I would love to see the campers get creative.  I am most looking forward to what you can teach me!

What advice can you give to campers about being away from home/being successful at camp? 

Being away from home may be difficult at times, but remember us camp counselors are also away from home. Come chat to us as talking to someone helps. I think it is important we all support each other. While at camp we all may miss home, but it is important to get involved and make the most of the experience. I am sure time will fly by and once you’re home, you will miss camp! Also, it is important to be yourself as everyone is a unique person and individuality should be embraced.

What can campers do to get on your good side? 

Definitely you can be in my good books by making me laugh (which isn’t difficult to do), whether that is telling me a joke or a funny story. Campers who are enthusiastic, smiling and join in with the fun.

What do you hope to get out of your summer at camp?

I am looking forward to experiencing all that camp has to offer, as it is something different to everyday life at home. I’m also interested in learning about American culture. I hope the experience allows me to learn new things about myself, but also learn some new skills. I hope I meet some amazing new people and make memories I will never forget.