Meet the Counselors: Kathi Maier

Future counselor Kathi (second from left) in a traditional dirndl from her native Austria!

Future counselor Kathi (second from left) in a traditional dirndl from her native Austria!

One of the best qualities a camp counselor can have is a love for children. Future Camp Spring Creek counselor Katharina Maier (who goes by Kathi) is training to be a teacher and got lots of experience with children as an older sister, so we're sure she'll be a perfect fit! Kathi's crafting and costume making skills are going to come in handy at camp and we're hoping she'll teach our campers some songs in Austrian German! She tells us more about herself here. Please join us in welcoming Kathi to camp this summer! 

Tell us about where you grew up.

I grew up in a small village on the countryside. It’s that type of village where you have to name the closest city, because otherwise, nobody would have a clue where it is. However, I love my old home. There are many farms and woods. If I need a place to relax, I would always go there. 

What do you do during the school year?

Most of the time I am at university studying for my teacher trainee program. But I am also working in a supermarket on weekends and as a private tutor.

Have you worked with children before?

Since I am the oldest child in my family, I was always around children and started looking after them when I was pretty young. Now, since I am a teacher trainee, I work a lot with children and also teach them in my practical school training. Apart from that I am also babysitting and, as mentioned before, working as a private tutor regularly.

What were you like when you were a child?

I was a pretty calm child most of the time. But I could be very lively when I got excited for something. If I wanted to do something I was the most motivated person around.

What made you want to work at Camp Spring Creek?

After seeing a bit of the camp and reading about it, I immediately know that I would love to work here. Everyone seemed to really enjoy their time in the photos I found and the place looks lovely. Furthermore, I would love to gain more experience for my teacher training program and I think Camp Spring Creek is the perfect place for that.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Most of the time I like to get artsy and spend my free time with drawing, sketching and crafting. Taking my painting utensils, sitting somewhere and listening to some music is probably the most relaxing thing to do for me. However, I also like to meet my friends or go for walks.

How do your friends describe your personality?

After asking them, they said that I am a very trustworthy person that’s always on time. They feel like I would never skip out on them and if something’s wrong they can always come to me for talking.

Are you a morning person or a night person?

Probably more a night person. I don’t have any problems with getting up and I love mornings in the summer, but sometime sleeping a bit longer is way too alluring. 

What is currently your favorite type of music?

At the moment I love listening to swing or jazz music.

What can campers do to make you smile? What should they avoid doing around you?

The thing that’ll make me very happy is seeing the campers having a great time at camp. It makes me really happy to see other people being happy.

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

I love to play Frisbee or volleyball with my friends in the park or to go for a swim in my parent’s pool.

What’s your idea of perfect happiness?

I think the most important part of being happy is accepting yourself as the great person you are.

What advice can you give to campers that have a great summer away from home?

Make the best out of the time at camp! Make a lot of friends and have fun. Trust us that will give our best to make this the best summer you’ve had.

What are your hopes for this summer?

I hope to make lots of new friends there, from what I’ve read the other counselors are super nice as well. Also, to have a great time with the campers and do tons of exciting activities!