Celebrating 15 Years!

On Saturday, July 15, former campers and their families, friends, and neighbors joined our current summer campers for a celebration of fifteen years of Camp Spring Creek. On this beautiful summer afternoon, visitors toured our campus with campers as tour guides, then returned to our dining hall for a wonderful meal prepared by our camp chef, Kerry Damich along with Anina and Olson van der Vorst.

Susie shared stories about the journey she and Steve took opening camp and helping it grow through the years. Anina created a slide show featuring pictures from every summer and the crowd loved recognizing some familiar faces and seeing how much everyone had changed and grown. Susie recognized the support of the North family by presenting former camper Carl North with a certificate and a beautiful tile nameplate made by campers that will go on the newly named North barn, where art glasses are located.

Finally, campers and friends alike enjoyed an interactive concert by award-winning multi-insturmentalist Billy Jonas. Billy reminded our campers that what makes you different is what makes you special, and demonstrated that his different way of thinking about and seeing things had led him to a successful creative career.

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate with us and who sent words of encouragement. We're looking forward to another fifteen years!