Meet the Counselors: Sophie Zwijnenburg

We're under two months away from the start of camp and our staff is almost completely in place. We're excited to introduce you to Sophie Zwinjnenburg, a counselor who's originally from Voorburg in the Netherlands (won't Steve be excited to have someone to share jokes with in Dutch?). We caught up with Sophie to find out a little more about her. 

What do you do during the school year? 


During the school year I always used to go to school, I studied pedagogics (Education in US terminology).I graduated last year. I was not feeling like starting a career yet, so now I’m in the middle of my ‘gap-year.'  I just got back from Israel where I lived, worked, and learned for seven months.

Have you ever worked at a camp before? 

This is going to be my first time and I’m super excited!

What interested you about working at Camp Spring Creek?

What I like about Camp Creek is that it’s not such a huge camp with a couple of hundred children and counselors. I like the intimacy of this camp and the real bond you can create with the children over the weeks. For me it was a must that I could work as a general counselor on the camp because I really like to do a variety of activities with the children over the weeks and not just one specific activity. Furthermore, because of my studies, I have a lot of experiences with different kinds of children amongst them children with special needs. So the fact that I can work here with dyslexic children is a big bonus. And I’m a dyslexic myself so I think I will fit right in!

What are your hobbies/favorite things to do? 

I love to be outdoors! I like to hike in beautiful landscapes and to camp and sing at the campfire while making marshmallows. Also, doing big outdoor group games like capture the flag is something I get very excited about. I’m in for any activity that includes water; swimming, canoeing, snorkelling and water-skiing (even though I’ve never done that). Snowboarding is one of my favourite hobbies and every winter you can find me in the Alps trying out new tricks and than most of the time ending up flat on my face in the snow.

What skills and activities are you excited to share with campers? 

I am a dancer so I could try to teach the campers a pirouette or two. Next to that I unfortunately don’t possess that many skills but I could teach them how to be excited about all the games, I have plenty of that!

Do you have siblings? 

I have two siblings; an older and a younger brother. Tom is two years younger than me and Chiel is four years older.

What can campers do to get on your good side? 

Being honest and friendly to everyone. Oh, and chocolate will sometimes also help to get on my good side.

What would campers be surprised to find out about you? 

I can look pretty girly but I can be wild, goofy and get dirty like a boy.

What are your favorite foods? 

I love seafood and Greek salad. Actually, pretty much everything Greek!

What advice can you give campers about how to have a great summer at camp? 

Don’t hold back; dance when you feel like dancing, sing when you feel like singing and let out that laugh when you feel it bubbling up from your belly! Enjoy every moment to the fullest and let’s make some memories!