Camper Poetry, Summer 2016

On the final night of camp, a talent and skit show is a Camp Spring Creek tradition. This year, camper Corey K. shared a poem that she wrote. Corey beautifully captured life a camp and she agreed that we could share her work here. 


Camp Spring Creek Summer

A soft laughter runs through the camp

Take some wood, nails and clamps

A bucket of paint will do just fine

Camp is for fun during summertime

Up some stones and in the pool

A bunch of friends, we’re nice and cool

In typing, your fingers just go, go, go

But looking at the keys gets a no, no, no

Woodshop is my favourite though

Hit a nail with one big blow

Books, pillowcases, painting and more

In Art, all are welcome, it’s above the door

Rollerskating is so much fun

But be careful, don’t fall on your bum

Tubing was relaxing and lazy

But rafting was a bit more crazy

The rain ruined our Olympic dreams

Some countries had a lot of steam

The storms came quick with lightning and rain

Our activities stopped, it was such a pain.

Room inspection, gets us cleaning fast

A perfect score, what a blast

Reading, spelling and lots of CLOVER

Until the day is officially over

A day for the girls at Wilson’s Creek

We will all be home in less than a week

Friends and fun, camp gets a cheer

Its time to go home, so Steve can have a beer

We say goodbye, but never fear

We will see you all again next year.