The One-to-One Initiative at Work

Camp Spring Creek's mission is to empower children with dyslexia to become confident, inspired achievers. That mission extends not only to the children who attend camp, but those in our community who struggle with reading. As part of our mission, we launched the One-to-One Initiative this fall, working with trained tutors and teachers in Mitchell County Schools. Mitchell County is a high poverty area and the school district has limited resources for providing tutoring. But the district has been very open to and interested in training teachers to help struggling readers and many of the district's elementary teachers have trained with Susie. 

Pictured above is Lynne Huskins, kindergarden teacher at Gouge Elementary. She completed a 35-hour training with Susie earlier this year. She's working with her students here to learn where letters are placed on lined paper. In the photo on the right, she's using a tactile/kinesthetic mat for teaching letter sound, letter formation and the names of letters.  

In the photos below, our tutor LissaJo McMahan is working with kindergarteners, using a multisensory technique to help students match sounds and letters. She will continue to meet with these student throughout the year. This work is done in small groups because the students are still at the very early stages in reading development, so they have not fallen very far behind yet. 

The work Camp Spring Creek does through the One-to-One Initiative is thanks in large part to the generousity of our donors. Thank you for making this important work possible!