Meet the Counselor: Grace Stevens

13014888_10207884629265304_1074394463_n When campers first arrive at Camp Spring Creek, they might be a little shy if they don’t come along with a friend or family member. These campers need to meet Grace Stevens: she has a way of making everyone she meets feel at ease. Grace hails from Hartford, a village in the English county of Cheshire known mostly for agriculture. Last year, she graduated from the University of Central Lancaster with a degree in nursing, but she has spent some time since then seeing the world. Since last November, she’s been in Courchevel in the French Alps, but she’ll join us at Camp Spring in June. We asked Grace to tell us at little bit more about herself.

What are you most looking forward to at camp this summer?

I’m most looking forward to the hot weather, after a winter of snow! And also meeting new people and being outside exercising and learning new skills as well as having fun with all the campers

What do you want campers in your cabin to know about you?

I'm very chatty and love talking so, we will be having lots of fun discussions. I love having sing alongs, even though I'm not the best singer! I have a very approachable and caring side, which probably comes from the nursing, so you can talk to me about anything.

What do you think your camp specialty will be?

I love arts and crafts so would love to be involved in that, however, I also love any sports and would be happy with either. I also like talking , so I'm happy to have a go at anything!

Which do you like better: outdoor adventures or organized team sports?

I'm an organized team sports person at heart and have always played hockey rounders and netball, but recently I’ve gotten into hiking, so outdoor adventures sounds like fun to me!

What do you want to accomplish this summer?

This summer I want to learn new skills and sports, make new friends, complete my lifeguard training, and have an amazing summer in America with some happy campers. Anything else would be an amazing bonus!

Please join us in welcoming Grace to the Camp Spring Creek team!