Giving Thanks and Giving Feedback

We're thankful to all our Camp Spring Creek blog readers out there--and that includes tutors, parents, entrepreneurs, education advocates, administrators, campers, counselors, OG enthusiasts, and lovers of all-things-North-Carolina. Since we began actively posting on our blog a year and a half ago, our readership has skyrocketed and we've been able to share interviews with some of today's most creative, successful dyslexics and top educational advocates. We're also increasing our video database, slow and steady (and working on our camera and video editing skills!). We hope you'll spend this weekend with family or friends, or out and about in your community giving thanks for the time we're lucky to have to dedicate to thinking positively about best practices as parents, teachers, and tutors. Whether that means volunteering your tutoring skills for a session, taking extra time to read with your child, or carving out time to research a skill or learning activity you'd like to teach others, we hope it is a restful, meaningful time for all.

We'll be back in December with twice-weekly posts, including more videos in our Homeschool Retreat series. Meantime, if you have feedback to share with us about videos or topics you would like us to address on this blog, please leave your comments here. We'll thank you for it!