In Their Own Words: Lessons Learned by 2014 Campers

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 4.56.03 PMWe'll have more tutorial/training videos very soon. Meantime, here are the last of our camper quotes from this summer's survey, which included the following question: "Describe the most surprising thing you learned about yourself while at Camp Spring Creek." Here are some of our favorite responses: "I never knew that I am good at art. I never knew that I would not be homesick." (Chase)

"How I say 'a' when I read." (Stefan)

"That I like reading." (K.K.)

"I'm better at things when I try them more than once. I also didn't think I would be good at archery but I was." (Caroline)

"I can improve on my butterfly stroke. The first and second years that I came, I did terrible in the butterfly stroke. But now that it is my third year, I have gotten much better." (Emily)

"That I can stay for a month, even though it was hard." (Jesse)

"That I love typing a lot and I like putting photos on my flashdrive." (Tommy)

"I learned about TI-GER words. I learned that I can swim faster. It was also a surprise that I could finish the color run." (Chase)

"I didn't realize that I would like woodshop and that I could make so many things and draw so much and be able to accomplish most of the strokes in swimming and to be competitive about a lot of things and be really good at sports and really like to play." (Michelle)

"That I can wakeboard really well!" (Janusz)

"That when I try my hardest, I can get it right and I can make the A/B honor roll." (Cynia)

"I can do a back dive. I can make a pizza. I can bake cookies." (Jazel)

"I have learned that I like to build things out of wood. I have also made friends and have better manners at the table." (Ana)

"I thought that reading was boring, but it was fun. I thought that writing was boring, but it was fun." (Brooke)