In Her Own Words: Sinem Kaplan, Camp Counselor

We briefly surveyed some of our camp staff at the end of this summer and would like to share some of their inspiring responses. This week's reply comes from Sinem. Here's what she had to say: Camp Spring Creek: Explain some of your impressions as a Counselor for Camp Spring Creek. What proved most challenging? What proved most rewarding?

Sinem Kaplan: The most challenging part for me was language and communication, since English isn't my first language. The most rewarding part was when a kid comes and hugs me. That was the best feeling I have ever had. Campers' loves and trusts motivated me a lot. CSC: As a role model to young campers, what were you most surprised by once you got to know the campers and felt comfortable in your role as Camp Counselor?

SK: The suprising part was some rules that put distance between counselors and the campers, for appropriateness, because they were away from their families for a long time for their young ages. We were their families at the camp. I don't remember any difficulties about being a good role mDSC_0617odel to the campers. Sometimes it was hard to be patient, [smile], but I was able to handle it.

CSC: Where are you now and what are you up to? (Job, school, city, country.)

SK: I am in Istanbul, Turkey. It's my last year at university and I will be an English teacher next year.

CSC: Finally, if you have a fave photo that you took this summer, please share it with us.

SK: Here's my photo. Love to all from Turkey!