In Their Own Words: Advice from 2014 Campers

DSC03473In a short survey conducted at Camp Spring Creek this summer, we asked campers to write down what advice they would give new, incoming campers. Their responses were a delight. Here are a few of our favorites: "Eat your salad early!" (Jack)

"Stay behind the barrels in paintball." (Milton)

"Do you laundry when you still have clean clothes left." (Bruce)

"Four weeks is not that much, so don't think about your mom and dad a lot." (Chase E.)

"Double-check what the counselors say." (Stefan)

"Be prepared to work." (Ethan)

"Always have a positive attitude and never let the bad times get to you. Be yourself. Don't think that your learning disability is a punishment. It's an amazing gift." (Emily)

"Don't be afraid, because everyone's your friend here." (Michelle)

"Make lots of friends!" (Cynia)

"Don't think about home." (Jazel)

"Eat your salad!" (Chase O.)

"Bring a swim cap and drawers for your clothes!" (Caroline)

"Try your best." (Morgan)

"Be kind to everyone and work hard so you can keep the stuff you have learned. Also, you'll have very good memories and listen to the counselors." (Ana)