On the Road

ncycalogo2Yesterday, Susie and Wendy headed to Arapahoe, North Carolina to attend the North Carolina Youth Camp Association Fall Meeting, hosted this year at Camp Sea Gull. They will be networking, talking with other directors to learn how their camps operate, and brainstorming ideas for year-round programming to support the larger mission of Camp Spring Creek and its Outreach Center. Of course, we love your feedback and ideas as well, so please reach out to us if you have thoughts on expanding our programming. According to their website, NCYCA's mission is to strengthen and expand the educational, environmental, and recreational opportunities provided by all organized camps in North Carolina by encouraging cooperation among camps, sponsoring camp-specific research, communicating camp industry information, and building relationships with various private, non-profit, public and governmental interests and agencies. We're excited to check things out and will report back soon!