More Week 2: Our Fourth of July

As we recap on last week at Camp Spring Creek, we find that the time is flying by because of all of the fun, studying, reading, playing, friend-making and good old camp activities! These good old camp activities include archery, paintball, free swim, creek walks, learning to build shelters in nature, visiting the public pool in Spruce Pine, and going to the lake Sunday morning. On Wednesday July 2, Camp Spring Creek was involved in Penland's annual parade. Camp Spring Creek decided to show-off famous people who have dyslexia. The campers and counselors made signs and face masks. Some of the famous people with dyslexia included Vince Vaughn, Leonardo da Vinci, Cher, Orlando Bloom, Jay Leno, Jim Carrey, John Lennon and Whoopi Goldberg. There was free ice cream after the parade and award ceremony. The campers did an awesome job preparing and being in the parade and they even won an award!

When it became dark, we all stayed for the fireworks show.

Fortunately, those were not the only fireworks we witnessed. On the Fourth of July, Camp Spring Creek went to Bakersville for the Independence Day event. There, we played on the playground, listened to a live band and, once it became dark, watched more fireworks! We're having a bit of trouble getting pics from camp into town, where there is Internet, so please stay tuned and thanks for your patience!